Biyernes, Oktubre 31, 2008

The Dole Philippines, Inc.

Dole Philippines Inc. Also known as Dolefil, was established on June 26,1963. It is a fully owned subsidiary of US multinational Dole Food Company, a producer of high quality fruits, nuts, vegetables, canned pineapple, and pineapple based beverages. Dolefil accounts for more than half of Dole Food Company's total pineapple output.

It is located in Polomolok, South Cotabato, a progressive farming community. It is an ideal pineapple production center with a favorable climate. At 1,400 feet above sea level, it has a fairly even rainfall year round and is located along the typhoon free area of Mindanao. Dolefil operates on a 14,000-hectare area, the world's biggest integrated pineapple plantation, cannery, and packaging complex. It has its own can manufacturing plant, corrugated box manufacturing plant, and an international shipping and wharf facility. At the heart of the Dolefil complex are expansive housing sites for employees, a 100-bed hospital, an international school, a clubhouse, and recreation facilities that includes a tennis courts, a fairlyl-equipped gymnasium, soccer and football fields, a swimming pool, and a picturesque nine-hole golf course.

Dolefil has employee count of more than 4,000 and hires as many as 2,000 temporary employees from Cooperatives during peak harvest, canning and packing operation. Dolefil is committed to provide employees with a decent income and opportunities to grow professionally with a year round training and development program.

Approximately 95% of the total production are exported worldwide to customers in Dole or distributors' brand labels, and ships cases of produce to its markets in Asia, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, United States, and Europe.

Dolefil continuously develops its product line to respond to growing customer needs and global competition. Traditional pineapple product lines are modified utilizing different pack styles, packing medium, number of slices or segment, and packaging. Varied formulations and fruit flavors are being introduced in its concentrate blend lines, fruit juices and drinks. Dolefil ventures on finding new products to introduce to the market. One is the tropical fruit cocktail packed in passion fruit juice medium, which provides an exotic blend to the product. Initially sold in local markets, it is now marketed to countries in Asia and the US. Recent products are a variety of fruits packed in plastic cups. Co-packers of Dolefil are also producing fruit-based packaged products.

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